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Candidate Interviews : by libertarianprogressive.com - There are other elections besides just the Presidential race - Congress a co-equal branch, deserves co-equal attention.

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Does competition matter?

The fundamental question is Not : whether one should vote for independent or 3rd party candidates - Rather :
 Who are they disallowing? (ask yourself this) because if they do that to Them - they ARE doing it to You and to all of Us -
 we ARE the independents and 3rd party's; as more people realize this (and the consequences thereof) there will be more questions, options, relevant information and choices.

Is WHAT matters - HOW the game is played?


+ if you are a candidate for office - please use the contact information below herein - we would like to do an interview w/ you.
+ if you have a thorough, informative candidate interview (which we can verify) please send the link and we may add it also.
+ if you are media - please use the contact information below herein.
+ anyone else who would like to help, participate, share ideas & etc - please use the same contact information below herein.

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Intro / Purpose  Timeline / About Us:  Page Up

LibertarianProgressive.com interviews mostly independent and 3rd party candidates who are on the ballot (Green Party, independents, Libertarians, No Party Affiliation and other parties).

We believe if a candidate is on the ballot or has a statistical chance to win then a responsible press will include them in the debates and interview them, to educate and inform the public of their options.  Our philosophy is : fair, honest, open competition and dialogue.

Our goal in interviewing 50+ candidates every 2 year election cycle (mainly, but not exclusively, for Congress - who are on the ballot and the only 3rd option in their area) is to reach a large audience - helping to impart awareness regarding all the public's options and to build consensus on that idea.

2016 - we interviewed 48 on the ballot, independent and third party candidates running for the US House & Senate from a full spectrum of American politics (to our knowledge this is the most independent and third party candidate interviews conducted by one organization in this election season).

We exclusively try to conduct interviews where the candidate is the only 3rd option (and will continue to do so to build consensus).  

We launched in 2012 - it was a passion of love for truth - we exercised our responsibility, and our right of a free press.  In 2012 we interviewed 50+ on the ballot, independent and third party candidates running for the US House & Senate from a full spectrum of American politics (to our knowledge this is the most independent and third party candidate interviews ever conducted by one organization in a campaign season).

Most states have independent and third party candidates on the ballot (running for many different offices).  Please check your Department of Elections, and our resources, for more information.

We are not telling people who to vote for, rather, we are asking questions and presenting news about options, endorsing . . . a fair system.

The reason for 50+ interviews of on the ballot, independent and 3rd party candidates every 2 year (US House) election season is - 50 represents one for each state.

Imagine if We the People elected even one independent or third party representative to Congress in each of the 50 states.  If that goal is seen as a national movement, perhaps it might make it easier for independent and third party candidates running, as they could ~ ride the wave.

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Featured Interviews (will update at periodic times [to listen & watch all interviews click here]):

Mark Wicks : Dont throw away your vote & let others steal your piece of the pie - Quick Clip 2017  https://wicksforfreedom.com/ 

Interview w/ Nnabu Eze - Green Party - US House - District 3 - Maryland - 2016 - https://www.facebook.com/Nnabu-Eze-for-Congress-Maryland-3rd-District-476682352533832/     

Interview w/ Pepper Snyder - Libertarian - US House - District 3 - Indiana - 2016 - http://www.pepperforcongress.com/     

Interview w/ Rudy Barnes - American Party - US House - District 5 - South Carolina - 2016 - http://www.rudybarnesforcongress.com/   

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Non-divisive Issues:  Page Up

What is LibertarianProgressive?  What is consensus?

There are about 325 million people in the USA.
There are about 219 million people eligible to vote and about 200 million registered to vote (and about half that who usually cast a vote).
41% are independent
29% are Democrats
29% are Republicans
<1% are special interests
Who do you think has the most influence?

If there were 10 issues - important to you, and 5 had popular consensus and 5 didn't, which 5 do you prioritize?

LibertarianProgressive is promoting : uniting and winning, instead of being divided & conquered.

There will be plenty of time to argue about things that we disagree on AFTER we pass legislation for important things we agree upon :

1. Accountability & Transparency reforms : freedom of information, integrity safeguards, checks and balances, auditing our government.

2. Civil Liberty Rights : privacy vs. spying, preserving our Bill of Rights & due process.

3. Cronyism reforms : conflicting interests, no bid contracts, bailouts, the revolving door.

4. Military reforms : mission creep, regime change foreign policy, Congressional approval & oversight.

5. Reform the justice system : end the Drug War, asset forfeiture, private prisons, quotas, mandatory minimums, racial profiling, militarization of police; have body cameras, independent internal affairs.

6. Election reform : open primaries, Election Day holiday, fair debates, rank or score voting, none of the above option, a paper trail.

7. Fair and Free Trade.

Promoting an environment of growth, opportunity and fair competition; less red tape for small & mid-sized businesses. Sunset provisions for outdated regulations.

There are 435 members in the US House of Representatives, elected every 2 years; it was designed that way on purpose - to be the least resistant, most peaceful and quickest path to reform, in our democratically elected Republic.

Communicating with people regarding Congress is much less divisive then Presidential politics.

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Points to Mention:  Page Up

If there is an argument saying that getting rid of no bid contracts, corporate cronyism, private prisons, insiders in the FDA (a revolving door of pharmaceutical executives) & etc - would be a great loss of jobs (provided by the rest of us who pay for it w/ taxes while trying to compete) then I ask : is it good that we hadn't subsidized the horse & buggy indefinitely?  These are jobs that not only hold us back, they cause misery & destruction.  One might find or not find reasons to subsidize or invest in a large public sector and special interests - that is debatable - I would say if we do, then at least invest in things which are productive like solar, space or discovery & exploration instead of treating people like servants & making them pay for it.  What is the potential of what could be if our time (= money = energy) & efforts were spent much more wisely and with better accountability to the tax payer.  It is time to reset to a more proper foundation.

In my opinion it's a shame we haven't built a stronger coalition; however, I do see it forming.  The weight of these issues are too heavy to ignore and the best way that I see addressing (championing & legislation) these is to unite (at least for a time) and build a better understanding doing so.  I am learning I must say and these opinions can change, though I feel steadfast in these certain principles listed herein.  The main difference between libertarians and progressives is organizing publicly through government and the idea of voluntarism - I think (IMHO) libertarians (and most everyone) need to think of the order of events to make their ideas become reality and consider that when voluntary the government can be a publicly accountable tool to help people organize and to form . . . let's say a public health option (w/ no mandate, 'voluntary' of course) that charges what it costs to run it, i.e. pays for itself and is voluntary (still saving money in regards to overhead from advertising, executive pay, bulk purchasing, etc) like the postal service (ironically - it has often been targeted, but because it is voluntary and pays for itself it should actually be the ideal government program for conservatives and libertarians - and if it is not, then one should really think - why not?); progressives need to consider ways to do things that are accountable and are based on voluntarism too.  Both need to recognize the value of what each are saying - especially between the lines and talk, discuss and debate and fight for our rights - and what we agree upon.  Eventually beyond the 8 issues listed above (which are the main consensus, thus should also be the Main Focus) the solutions are in voluntary public options - I will have more to share regarding that.

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Ideas:  Page Up

1. Reach out - organize, do something each day; call your Representatives and let them know you care - put the heat on - think big picture if we all participate.

2. Elections - Congressional and local elections; where we can realistically make gains in the freedom movement is w/ Congress.  Expanding on that - there's usually someone on the ballot who qualified (to give you another option) running for the House or Senate who is NPA (no party affiliation) or independent or Libertarian or Green, etc - for a time let's put aside our differences and unite on our common issues listed above, and if any candidate will take their oath to the Constitution seriously and live up to defending and fighting for these issues let's support them.

3. Also support independent and 3rd party candidates not in your district - after all they will effect the laws you live by.  If you have only one alternate choice - e.g. only a Green Party candidate or only a Libertarian candidate in your district then support them this year - as there are many fusion candidates on the ballot fighting for issues, which unite us.  This will at least support fairer competition.

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Resources:  Page Up

+ Listings for where to find each states Department of Elections / Secretary of State - most states (except for about 10) have a candidates list: 
http://www.fec.gov/pubrec/cfsdd/cfsdd.shtml (See State Disclosure Offices)

http://www.eac.gov/voter_resources/contact_your_state.aspx (another great resource, maybe better)

+ (the above has been the best resources we've used combined w/ http://votesmart.org (about 95% accurate)
https://ballotpedia.org / https://ballotpedia.org/State_Politics

+ Libertarian Party & Green Party candidates list (great resources - about 95% accurate): 


+ The best resources we've used so far to find Congressional districts:

http://www.nationalatlas.gov/ (will update)

+ https://www.congress.gov/

+ http://meetup.com - start and / or join a meetup of interest

+ Here is a website that gets an honorable mention w/ good information : http://www.noneoftheabove.us/ 

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News:  Page Up

+ Upcoming : ber XX - will be reposted here and on our YouTube page)
- Interview w/ XX   

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Intro, Purpose / Issues / Points to Mention / Ideas / Resources / News  

Articles / Products / Support / Hall of Fame

+Interviews index - Main page

Contact: Clark votes @ g mail . com w/o spaces (to prevent spam), also use "correspondence" in the subject field or your email may be filtered & deleted, as will un-requested email attachments.

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If you like the message, please spread the word - email this page, share the ideas - subscribe, rate & comment on our social media pages, call into radio shows, C-SPAN etc. and write to news outlets.

If you contribute by spreading the word, sharing the links & etc. that is appreciated & thank you.  Please feel free to watch, save and distribute our videos etc.  We make make our material : creative commons (i.e. copyright free).